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  • Rebecca McPhillips
    University of Manchester
  • Sadia Nafees
  • Anam Elahi
    University of Manchester
  • Saqba Batool
    University of Manchester
  • Murali Krishna Tiptur Nagaraj
  • Anne Krayer
  • Peter Huxley
  • Nasim Chaudhry
    Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning
  • Catherine Robinson
    University of Manchester
Introduction: Over 800,000 people die due to suicide each year and suicide presents huge psychological, economic and social burdens for individuals, communities and countries as a whole. Low and middle income countries (LMICs) are disproportionately affected by suicide. The strongest risk factor for suicide is a previous suicide attempt, and other types of self-harm have been found to be robust predictors of suicidal behaviour. An approach that brings together multiple sectors including education, labour, business, law, politics and the media is crucial to tackling suicide and self-harm. The World Health Organization highlights that evaluations of the knowledge and attitudes that priority groups, not only healthcare staff, have of mental health and suicidal behaviour are key to suicide prevention strategies. The aim of this systematic review is to examine the knowledge, attitudes and experiences different stakeholders in LMICs have of self-harm and suicide.Methods and analysis:Medline, Embase, PsycInfo, CINAHL, BNI, Social Sciences and Cochrane library will be searched. Reviewers working independently of each other will screen search results, select studies for inclusion, extract and check extracted data, and rate the quality of the studies using the STROBE and CASP checklists. In anticipation of heterogeneity, a narrative synthesis of quantitative studies will be provided and meta-ethnography will be used to synthesise qualitative studies. Ethics and dissemination: Ethical approval is not required. A report will be provided for the funding body, and the systematic review will be submitted for publication in a high-impact, peer-reviewed, open access journal. Results will also be disseminated at conferences, seminars, congresses and 21symposia and to relevant stakeholders.


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CyfnodolynBMJ Open
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 22 Meh 2021

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