Multiple Views: different meanings and collocated words

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  • 2019-Multiple views different meaning and collocated words

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We report on an in-depth corpus linguistic study on `multiple views' terminology and word collocation. We take a broad interpretation of these terms and explore the meaning and diversity of their use in visualisation literature. First we explore senses of the term `multiple views' (e.g.,`multiple views' can mean juxtaposition, many viewport projections or several alternative opinions). Second we investigate term popularity and frequency of occurrences, investigating usage of `multiple' and `view' (e.g., multiple views, multiple visualisations, multiple sets). Third, we investigate word collocations and terms that have a similar sense (e.g., multiple views, side-by-side, small multiples). We built and used several corpora, including a 6-million-word corpus of all IEEE Visualisation conference papers published in IEEE Transactions on Visualisation and Computer Graphics 2012 to 2017. We draw on our substantial experience from early work in coordinated and multiple views, and with collocation analysis develop several lists of terms. This research provides insight into term use, a reference for novice and expert authors in visualisation, and contributes a taxonomy of `multiple view' terms.


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