Place branding is not only becoming increasingly important for the survival and success of places, but, due to the complexity of the place offering, it is increasingly generating theoretical contributions that may have relevance in other contexts. The research reported in this paper offers insights into the management of the brand experience; it demonstrates that place brand practitioners recognise the complexity of the place offering and, accordingly adopt a brand management approach that places experience, rather than image centre stage. This practitioner perspective is at odds with the pre-occupation in the theoretical literature in both branding and place branding with image. Practitioners collaborated with stakeholders to try to deliver a consistent brand experience, and adopted a number of experience management strategies, including targeting attention on key service providers, undertaking familiarisation tours, and providing stakeholders with consumer feedback analyses.
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TudalennauPaper 018
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 5 Gorff 2012
DigwyddiadAcademy of Marketing Conference 2-5 July 2012, Southampton Management School -
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CynhadleddAcademy of Marketing Conference 2-5 July 2012, Southampton Management School
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