Research into natural bio-based insulation for mainstream construction

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This paper summarises aspects of research carried out by The BioComposites Centre over the last ten years on a number of different projects in the field of bio-based insula-tion. Areas covered include issues around raw material processing and manufacturing, ‘improving’ properties, fire retardant treatments and fire performance, determination of steady state thermal performance for the declaration of performance criteria and aspects of in-situ unsteady state behaviour. Case studies illustrating the buffering effect of natu-ral bio-based insulation will be reviewed and results of a test to determine the adsorp-tion of formaldehyde by wool fibres discussed. Future research including a research programme funded under FP7 entitled “Safe, energy-efficient and affordable new eco-innovative materials for building envelopes and/or partitions to provide a healthier in-door environment” are highlighted and what The BioComposites Centre will be doing to try and improve the performance of these insulation materials.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 19 Medi 2014
DigwyddiadSustainable Building Conference, 30th October-1st November, 2013, Guimarães, Portugal -
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CynhadleddSustainable Building Conference, 30th October-1st November, 2013, Guimarães, Portugal
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