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  • 2018-Standardized reporting of the costs of management interventions

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  • Gwenllian D Iacona
    University of Queensland
  • William J Sutherland
    University of Cambridge
  • Bonnie Mappin
    University of Queensland
  • Vanessa M Adams
    University of Queensland
  • Paul R Armsworth
    University of Tennessee
  • Tim Coleshaw
  • Carly Cook
    Monash University
  • Ian Craigie
    James Cook University
  • Lynn V Dicks
    University of East Anglia
  • James A Fitzsimons
    Deakin University
  • Jennifer McGowan
    University of Queensland
  • Andrew J Plumptre
    Key Biodiversity Secretariat
  • Tal Polak
    Israeli Nature and Park Authority
  • Andrew S Pullin
  • Jeremy Ringma
    The University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Ian Rushworth
    Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife
  • Andrea Santangeli
    Finnish Museum of Natural History
  • Annette Stewart
    Bush Heritage Australia
  • Ayesha Tulloch
    The Australian National University
  • Jessica C Walsh
    Simon Fraser University
  • Hugh P Possingham
    The Nature Conservancy

Effective conservation management interventions must combat threats and deliver benefits at costs that can be achieved within limited budgets. Considerable effort has focused on measuring the potential benefits of conservation interventions, but explicit quantification of the financial costs of implementation is rare. Even when costs have been quantified, haphazard and inconsistent reporting means published values are difficult to interpret. This reporting deficiency hinders progress toward a collective understanding of the financial costs of management interventions across projects and thus limits the ability to identify efficient solutions to conservation problems or attract adequate funding. We devised a standardized approach to describing financial costs reported for conservation interventions. The standards call for researchers and practitioners to describe the objective and outcome, context and methods, and scale of costed interventions, and to state which categories of costs are included and the currency and date for reported costs. These standards aim to provide enough contextual information that readers and future users can interpret the cost data appropriately. We suggest these standards be adopted by major conservation organizations, conservation science institutions, and journals so that cost reporting is comparable among studies. This would support shared learning and enhance the ability to identify and perform cost-effective conservation.

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