The genome sequence of the Tawny Mining Bee, Andrena fulva (Müller, 1766)

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  • Liam M Crowley
    University of Oxford
  • John F Mulley
  • University of Oxford and Wytham Woods Genome Acquisition Lab
  • Darwin Tree of Life Barcoding collective
  • Wellcome Sanger Institute Tree of Life programme
  • Wellcome Sanger Institute Scientific Operations: DNA Pipelines collective
  • Tree of Life Core Informatics collective
  • Darwin Tree of Life Consortium
We present a genome assembly from an individual female Andrena
fulva (the Tawny Mining Bee; Arthropoda; Insecta; Hymenoptera;
Andrenidae). The genome sequence is 461.7 megabases in span. Most
of the assembly is scaffolded into 7 chromosomal pseudomolecules.
The mitochondrial genome has also been assembled and is 14.7
kilobases in length. Gene annotation of this assembly on Ensembl
identified 12,011 protein coding genes
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
CyfnodolynWellcome Open Research
Rhif y cyfnodolyn258
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 21 Meh 2023

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