The Inside Out Group Model: Teaching Groups in Mindfulness-Based Programs

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Mindfulness-Based Programs (MBPs) were designed to be taught in groups, yet little attention has been paid to how MBP teachers can work with the potential of the group to enhance participant learning. Most extant literature about group processes relates to psychotherapeutic groups or work-based teams. A link is needed from the broader literature to the particular nature of the MBP teaching process.

The Inside Out Group (IOG) model arose through many years of engagement with MBP teaching and teacher training. The IOG model is a clarifying framework to support MBP teachers to understand and skillfully work with group processes.

The inside out embodiment of the teacher is at the center of the IOG model, with three linked capacities that the teacher uses to support and guide the process: (a) reading the group, (b) holding the group, and (c) befriending the group.

Practice and research implications of the IOG model are discussed.


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