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  • T.L. Schmidt (Arall)
    University of Manchester
  • C.T. Leitmeir (Arall)
  • Hanna Vorholt (Arall)
    University of York
  • Ian Rumbold (Arall)
    University of Manchester
  • Mara Hofmann (Arall)
    Warburg Intitute, University of London
  • Joanna Fronska (Arall)
    Warburg Intitute, University of London
  • Eleanor Giraud (Arall)
    Warburg Intitute, University of London
  • Sanna Raninen (Arall)
    Warburg Intitute, University of London
  • Marianne Gillion (Arall)
    University of Manchester
This AHRC-funded project, a collaboration of the University of Manchester with Bangor University (School of Music), the University of York (Department of History of Art), the Warburg Institute (School of Advanced Studies, University of London) and the Department of Digital Humanities (King’s College London) presents the first integrated resource for the study of the production and reading of polyphonic music sources from the period c.1480 to c. 1530 in a European context.

This will be achieved through a systematic analysis and description of the mise-en-page: the ways in which verbal text, musical notation and other graphic devices interact on the pages of manuscripts and printed editions of that time.
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CyhoeddwrDDH King's College
Cyfrwng allbwnAr-Lein
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2017
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