‘The human rights to adequate food and to decent work can mutually reinforce each other in the design and implementation of food security, rural development and poverty reduction interventions’ FAO (2016).

The development of local food(s) should be for local benefit. This paper suggests there are ‘three Rs’ of re-generation through place based food systems within the UK: representation, re-localisation and re-structuring. The R’s are discussed through recent findings from de-tailed in empirical case studies representing rural voices within the traditional and newly emerging foodscapes of Wales. The opportunities and challenges of responsible and sustainable regeneration are discussed through the lens of local stakeholders, activists and public and private sector innovations. In order to maximise place based benefits within the food sector, best practice in address-ing the ‘three R’s’ needs to be communicated and under-taken in order to deliver real outcomes which build resil-ience within diversifying rural economies within the global North as already occurring in parts of the global South. New funding, food access and trading contents make this an urgency within the novel Welsh policy envi-ronment of Future Well-being Goals and broader rights to food movements.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 7 Rhag 2017
DigwyddiadThe European Society for Rural Sociology Congress: Uneven processes of rural change - Krakow, Gwlad Pŵyl
Hyd: 24 Jul 201727 Jul 2017


CynhadleddThe European Society for Rural Sociology Congress
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