Photo-Electric Light Orchestra



The project is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Award, in collaboration with the Widening Access Centre, Bangor University, and will work with local school children, aged 9-13 years old, to engineer unique and innovative musical instruments. The younger cohort will develop their instruments implementing coding skills, while the older cohort will develop their instruments harnessing the unique properties of light, using Photonics as the source of production (either an LED or a LASER), with the electronics circuitry then converting this source of light into sound. The Photonics elements will be in association with the world leading Photonics Academy of Wales @ Bangor (PAWB).The project will conclude with a musical performance at Pontio Arts and Innovation centre, giving pupils an opportunity to demonstrate their achievements before an audience of parents, grandparents, school governors, and the wider community. The aims of the project are to enlighten and engage children in unique engineering activities, bringing together multiple disciplines hitherto seen as separate entities in an innovative way, which is a very exciting prospect!Activities include practical Photonic investigations, electronic circuitry design and construction, 3D printing of the instruments, and the composing of the musical pieces to be used in the final performance. The programme will run from September 2019 and end with the performance in Pontio in May 2020, and will consist of two-hour fortnightly sessions being run at the relevant schools by the project ‘Engineers’. The 'Engineers' will be postgraduate students (or individuals who already hold a degree) who will be recruited over the summer of 2019. These 'Engineers' won't necessarily require a relevant background in Electronics, Coding or Music as we'll provide all relevant training over the summer of 2019 before the sessions are due to start. The schools we intend to work with include:>Ysgol Hafod Lon;> Ysgol Pendalar;> Ysgol Bro Lleu;> Ysgol Yr Hendre;> Ysgol Maesincla;> Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle;> Ysgol Tryfan;> Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen.
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