Cognitive stimulation – an effective intervention to improve quality of life and cognition in people with mild to moderate dementia

Impact Summary for the General Public

There are very few evidence-based psychological interventions for people with Alzheimer’s
disease and other dementias. Of these, cognitive stimulation has the strongest evidence-base.
Developed by Bob Woods (Bangor University) and Martin Orrell (UCL) in the late 1990s, the
approach has proven effective in maintaining both cognitive function and quality of life.
Recommended in guidelines around the world for use with people with mild to moderate dementia
as the major evidence-based non-pharmacological intervention, it has assisted literally thousands
of people with dementia and their carers globally to have a better quality of life both before and
since 2008.

Category of impact

  • Health/Quality of life
  • Societal
  • Policy and Public Services

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