Innovation in Dementia Care: Positive Impact of Visual Arts Interventions [REF2021]

Impact Summary for the General Public

Dementia is a global public health priority with no cure and limited medical treatment. Bangor University leads interdisciplinary research in dementia care, with a focus on visual arts interventions. Through a combination of training, public events and the success of the collaboratively-produced online practitioners’ guide, ‘Dementia & Imagination’, for arts and health service delivery (with over 10,000 downloads) many people with dementia and their carers have benefited. Bangor-led research demonstrated how arts interventions improved the quality of life of people affected by dementia, with GBP5 of social value generated for every GBP1 invested (518% social value return on investment). Bangor research also led to enhanced dementia care serviceprovision, improved public perceptions and public policy influence.

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  • Policy and Public Services
  • Health/Quality of life

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