Maize variety GM-6 brings £55 million of benefits to more than 300,000 resource-poor farmers in Western India

Impact Summary for the General Public

Since its release, GM-6 cultivation has rapidly grown to a cumulative area exceeding 2M hectares, of which 54% (more than 1M ha) was during 2008-2013, with a major positive impact on the welfare and prosperity of at least 330,000 households per year. Because of its advantage under drought and on poor soils, GM-6 has average grain yields 28% higher than the best available alternative varieties, providing 360,000 t of additional food grain during 2008-2013 with a total net present value to these farm households of an average of at least £9M per year.

Category of impact

  • Health/Quality of life
  • Societal
  • Economic

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