Optical OFDM Transceiver Development and Commercialisation

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Impact Summary for the General Public

Pioneering research at Bangor on the advanced communications technology termed Optical
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OOFDM) has enabled industrial impact with global
implications. OOFDM was a candidate technique for the ITU-T G989.1 NG-PON2 and the IEEE
802.3bm standards and is currently under consideration by the IEEE 802.3 400Gb/s Ethernet
Study Group. Supported by 8 patent families and first-phase funding of £1.1M, in 2013, the prerevenue
Bangor University spin-off company Smarterlight Limited, was established. Smarterlight
has deployed services to several international telecommunications companies to develop
advanced solutions for access optical networks and data centres.