Welsh Lexicography and Terminology

Impact Summary for the General Public

The impact focuses on work undertaken at Bangor University (BU) in two closely related fields,
Welsh lexicography and terminology. It demonstrates how a major lexicographical publication –
The Welsh Academy English-Welsh Dictionary: Geiriadur yr Academi (1995) – has far-reaching
influence and impact on the daily use and vocabulary of standard literary Welsh. It displays how
lexicography sustains the vitality of a ‘lesser-used’ language and enables a standard written form
to be widely used in educational, professional and public domains. Building on the lexicographical
feat represented by the dictionary, BU also leads the development of the allied area of Welsh
terminology. Furthermore, in both these areas BU has facilitated the delivery of its research to nonacademic
users through the creation of open-access on-line databases.

Category of impact

  • Cultural
  • Policy and Public Services
  • Technological

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