Conversations in Human Evolution: Dr Isabelle Winder


TitleConversations with: Dr Isabelle Winder
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Media name/outletConversations in Human Evolution
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CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionI am very pleased to introduce this week’s guest, Dr Isabelle Winder, who is an evolutionary anthropologist! Her research covers a wide range of topics, from primatology, comparative anatomy, primate responses to climate change and, of course, human evolution! Isabelle currently holds a lectureship in Zoology at Bangor University where she teaches a number of specialist modules, including a field course in Uganda. She has also worked at the Palaeo Centre at the University of York and is an Honourary Research Associate in the Department of Musculoskeletal Biology & Institute for Ageing and Chronic Disease at the University of Liverpool.
PersonsIsabelle Winder