Radio 4 documentary on anthropogenic noise


TitleSilencing with noise
Degree of recognitionNational
Media name/outletBBC Radio 4
Media typeRadio
Duration/Length/Size30 minutes
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionSound is what the world does. From the tiniest bugs to the largest whales, animals use sound to communicate, for example, they sing to attract a mate and establish a territory. But this is all happening against a background of man-made noise that was, until the last few weeks, increasing in volume all the time. So what happens if you can’t hear or make yourself heard or you are too stressed or distracted to behave normally? Andy Radford, Professor of Behavioural Ecology at the University of Bristol explores the impact of this global pollutant and the mitigation measures that could help.
Producer/AuthorSarah Blunt & Andy Radford
PersonsGraeme Shannon