COP Cymru Regional Roadshow 2021: Small Nation Big Ideas - Welsh science driving the energy transition


Presentation and panel discussion as part of COP Cymru roadshow associated with COP26 held at M-SParc but broadcast more widely as a webinar.

Session description:
“Ambitious commitments to decarbonize economies for the sake of the planet, and all our futures, require rapid changes to our whole energy system. How energy is produced, stored, transported and used all need to change if there is to be any hope of meeting net zero.

This session will showcase a range of new technologies being developed in Wales; from using nuclear reactors for more than just power, to reducing energy waste throughout our water system, or innovations in tidal energy to recovering rarer materials for use in batteries. It will also look at how researchers can work across different disciplines; for example engineers working with biologists to minimize the impact of renewable power on wildlife.”
4 Nov 2021