Dr Ceryl Teleri Davies

Lecturer in Health Sciences (Social Work)


I am a qualified Social Worker (Dipsw/MA), have an MA in Law (Healthcare Ethics &  Law), a Postgraduate Diploma in Community and Criminal Justice and a PhD in Social Policy. I have work experience of working across social care, criminal justice, education and research settings. My PhD and general research interest is focused on social norms, young people’s intimate relationships, domestic abuse, gender, sexuality and a continuum of violence/abusive behaviour. The focus of my PhD was on exploring young women’s understandings of what it means to have a healthy relationship, including the negotiations of their identity and behaviour within their intimate relationships. As part of my PhD, I co-produced the research material with young women and subsequently surveyed and interviewed young women aged 15-18 years across schools. I have presented my research findings at several conferences, including international conferences on domestic abuse and youth matters. The findings were disseminated to schools and through a Welsh Language ‘Ted Talk’ event (titled in Welsh, Prosiect 15), the first of its kind in Wales, which was broadcasted on BBC Radio Wales.

As part of my professional career, I have worked as a frontline Social Worker, Team Manager, Service Manager and Senior Manager. I have also completed several independent evaluations, including serious case reviews.  I have recently undertaken work on exploring child to parent/carer abuse, which included designing a practitioner toolkit to assist practitioners across agencies to address this issue.


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