Mr Edward Roome

Research Project Support Officer


My Masters by Research (MscRes) project explored the relationship between the size of tidal range power plants and their hydro-environmental impacts, through the use of numerical modelling. Alongside my MscRes, I worked for 6 months on a NERC cross-disciplinary project in which I used Machine Learning to predict wave conditions at sites around the UK. In June 2023, I submitted a consultancy report to the Environment Agency which assessed the risk of coastal and riverine erosion/inundation at a hazardous landfill site located in the Tees Estuary, UK.

Currently, I am a Research Officer on the SEAMaP project at Bangor University, my role is to simulate the dispersal of marine plastics during tropical cyclone conditions.


My interests include: ocean modelling, marine renewable energy, sediment transport and coastal processes.

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