Dr Emily Peckham

Senior Research Fellow

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My background is as a research chemist, and I have a degree in Chemistry from the University of Bath. I moved in to health services research in 2009 when I was awarded a three-year full-time School of Healthcare scholarship at the University of Leeds. Since completing my PhD in 2012 I have focused on mental health research.  

I am currently the Chief Investigator for the NIHR funded SPACES and Co-SPACES studies which aim to co-produce and test an intervention to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour in people with severe mental ill health. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic I was the Chief Investigator for the MRC funded OWLS study which was set up to explore the effects of the pandemic and pandemic restrictions on people with severe mental ill health. During this study we identified a digital skills gap in people with mental ill health compared to those without mental ill health and I have been exploring ways to increase digital skills for people with mental ill health.  

My research focuses on reducing the heath inequalities of people with severe mental ill health (SMI). The aim being to inform and influence service providers, healthcare providers and policy makers to make changes that reduce the mortality gap between the general population and people with severe mental ill health. I have been involved in various studies looking to reduce health risk behaviours including smoking cessation, physical activity and diet. I have also been involved in the development of a consensus statement on what people with severe mental ill health should expect in terms of dental care. 

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