Dr Fran Garrad-Cole

Reader, Teaching and Learning Development Leader

Teaching and Supervision

Dr Fran Garrad-Cole is Deputy Head of School (Impact) and a Teaching and Scholarship Reader in Psychology. She also works one day a week as a Teaching and Learning Developer in CELT, with Prof. Nichola Callow, the University’s Pro Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning, and is responsible for driving innovation and supporting development in Assessment and Feedback across the University. She is a Bangor University graduate, having achieved a BSc in Psychology and a PhD in Developmental Cognitive Psychology. 

Teaching Interests

Fran is Module Organiser and lecturer for the year two Personality and Individual Differences module. This module is a compulsory module as part of the BPS accreditation and assessment comes from both exams and critical analysis of theories. Since 2017 Fran has devised and led a brand new year 3 module called ‘Born to run: achieve your goals”. In this module she and Prof John Parkinson teach theories of positive and motivational psychology to ‘non-runner’ third years and apply those theories to distance running. By training four times a week, including one run as a group during the workshop time, She, John and over 20 students per year run the Liverpool Rock n Roll marathon in May. The marathon takes place just 18 weeks from the start of the semester! Before starting this module, Fran had only ever run half marathon distances but now she has run three, and has turned dozens of final year students into marathon runners. This really is science in action!


Having organised and collated the hugely successful Psychology Oral Presentation Practice Sessions (POPPS) across all three years of the undergraduate programme for almost a decade and introduced the scheme in Schools across the University, Fran has now adapted the scheme, rebranded as Bangor Oral Presentation Skills (or BOPS!), for use in local high schools and colleges. This develops the teaching innovations that were started in Bangor and demonstrates impact within the wider community.

Fran has been nominated for many Student Led Teaching Awards within the University and was awarded a Bangor University Teaching Fellowship in 2014. More recently she has been awarded an HEA Principal Fellowship, (2019) and in 2016 she was awarded the most prestigious individual award for excellence in teaching in higher education, a National Teaching Fellowship.


Research Interests

Fran is a developmental cognitive psychologist and is interested in many elements of developmental psychology including behavioural, neuropsychological and educational. Her current research with year three undergraduate students investigates the Differential Outcome Effect (DOE) and how this may be adapted for, and used with very young children, and with older adults for medical adherence. Fran is currently collaborating with Dr Paloma Mari Beffa and colleagues in Almeria, Spain on this project.
Fran engages in a wide range of pedagogical research, including how student anxiety towards public speaking can be reduced during small group presentation sessions, the value of metacogniitve MCQ scoring (and students' perceptions), and the development of self-compassion and grit through group marathon training embedded within a curriculum.

Fran’s Twitter Feed: @FranBangor


Garrad-Cole, F., Lew, A., Bremner, J., & Whitaker, C. (2001). Use of cue configuration geometry for spatial orientation in human infants (Homo sapiens). Journal Of Comparative Psychology, 115(3), 317-320. doi:10.1037/0735-7036.115.3.317

Shapiro, K., & Garrad-Cole, F. (2003). Age-related deficits and involvement of frontal cortical areas as revealed by the attentional blink task. Journal Of Vision, 3(9), 726-726. doi:10.1167/3.9.726

Garrad-Cole, F., Shapiro, K., & Thierry, G. (2011). Developmental Aspects of Temporal and Spatial Visual Attention: Insights from the Attentional Blink and Visual Search Tasks. Child Neuropsychology, 17(2), 118-137. doi:10.1080/09297049.2010.509716

Garrad-Cole, F. (in prep.) Can present, will present! Anxiety reduction in small group presentation sessions.

Garrad-Cole, F. and Mari-Beffa, P. (in preparation) If I can name it, I can learn it: Conditions under which the Differential Outcome Effect is evidenced in three-year olds.

Garrad-Cole, F. and Mari-Beffa, P. (in preparation) The cumulative effect of physical and verbal reinforcers in the Differential Outcome Procedure in 3-5 year olds.

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