Miss Harriet Ibbett


Contact info

Email: harriet.ibbett@bangor.ac.uk

Twitter: @harrietibbett

Supervisors: Dr Freya St John & Prof. Julia Jones

Contact Info

Email: harriet.ibbett@bangor.ac.uk

Twitter: @harrietibbett

Supervisors: Dr Freya St John & Prof. Julia Jones


I have been working in conservation for the last 8 years, in various volunteer, fundraising and project coordination positions. I have extensive fieldwork experience and have conducted both social and ecological research in countries such as South Africa, Madagascar, Uganda, Poland and Cambodia. I am currently studying for a PhD at Bangor University. 




My research is primarily focussed on understanding rule-breaking in Protected Areas, this involves assessing who breaks rules and why.

When investigating illegal activity, those involved may be reluctant to reveal their participation for fear of potential repercussions, which may result in dishonest reporting. Within conservation, scientists are increasingly adopting specialised questioning techniques derived from disciplines such as psychology to improve the robustness of data and reduce biases.

As part of this PhD I will be investigating the most appropriate methods to elicit robust information about the prevalence of sensitive behaviour in different conservation contexts. I am working as a researcher on part of a wider project, and my fieldwork will be based in and around Protected Areas in Indonesia and Tanzania.

Previously I worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Oxford with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science (www.iccs.org.uk), on a project entitled “Learning from observational data to improve Protected Area management” supervised by Dr Aidan Keane (Uni. of Edinburgh) and Prof. EJ Milner-Gulland (Uni. of Oxford).


Education / academic qualifications

  • MSc , Conservation Science (2014 - 2015)
  • BSc , Environmental Geography and International Development (2008 - 2011)

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