Dr Karen Pollock

Lecturer in Heritage & Archaeology

Contact info


01248 382839

Contact Info


01248 382839


Biography and Research Interests

Karen completed her BA (History with Archaeology) and PhD (2005) at Bangor University.   Her doctoral thesis examined the modes of burial and attendant rituals carried out in the Welsh frontier zone during the Roman period.  Research interests include the settlement and burial archaeology of Iron Age and Roman Britain and, over the last few years, historic and modern graffiti.  She is currently in the process of recording historic graffiti at a number of sites across Wales.


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Pollock, K.J. (2017) ‘Fading voices: historic graffiti and its heritage value’, Transactions of Anglesey Antiquarian Society, 28-48

Pollock, K.J. (2013) Book Review, L. Keppie, ‘The Antiquarian Rediscovery of the Antonine Wall’ Arch. Journal, 170

Pollock, K.J. (2012) Book Review, R. Jackson, ‘Cosmetic Sets of Late Iron Age and Roman Britain’, Arch. Journal, 169

Pollock, K. J. (2006) The Evolution and Role of Burial Practice in Roman Wales, BAR British Series 426

Teaching and Supervision

Introduction to Historic Archaeology

Archaeological Techniques and Principles

Graffti: Marking Space and Time

Life on the Edge:  Roman Frontiers

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