Dr Mihela Erjavec

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

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Brigantia 209, Penrallt Rd

Office ext 3107

Mob +44 (0)7984 090803


I am a developmental behavioural psychologist with a strong applied focus and international outlook.

Teaching and Supervision

Presently I am the module organiser and lecturer on

PPP-4014 Topics in Child Health and Wellbeing postgraduate Masters module

PPP-3015 Psychophysiology of Eating undergraduate Year 3 module

PPP-2012 Developmental Psychology undergraduate Year 2 module

I am supervising PhD, Masters, and Undergraduate research projects in several areas of developmental, behavioural, and applied psychology research.

I welcome PhD applications from international students.



My research interests are varied. These are some of the ongoing research projects in my lab.

In collaboration with Conwy Council school caterers, we have been conducting a series of studies to implement positive changes in dining rooms of local primary schools. This type of intervention may be a cheap alternative to complex interventions in schools. It can also be an effective healthy eating maintenance measure that schools can implement themselves. Collaborators on this project include Dr Ellie Marcano-Olivier (Birmingham City University) and Dr Simon Viktor (Bangor).

In another project, we have been exploring determinants of health and wellbeing in 8-11 year old children with Type 1 diabetes and their healthy counterparts in Kuwait. Children with Type 1 diabetes and their families often struggle and can experience poor mental health and lifestyle changes in response to their illness. This is likely to be exacerbated under the hardship of the pandemic. This project is supported by PhD funding provided by Kuwait Ministry of Health to Afrah Alazmi. Collaboratior: Dr Simon Viktor (Bangor).

Poor social support and lifestyle are linked to poor mental health in pregnancy, but these factors have seldom been explored in a culturally sensitive manner. We are presently investigating the experiences of women in Kuwait, at the time of the global pandemic, using qualitative research methodology. This project is supported by PhD funding provided by Kuwait Ministry of Education to Mona Almutawtah. Collaborators include Dr Hans-Peter Kubis (Bangor) and Emma Campbell (Bangor).

In collaboration with Coed Lleol, we are investigating whether wodland environment activities could support families with pre-school children to make better nutritional choices. This project is supported by KESS II funding for Masters by Research. The research team includes Ramiga Kirupaikkumaran (KESS scholar), Dr Natasha Simons (Coed Lleol), and Dr Simon Viktor (Bangor).

My other project include

Supporting early detection and intervention for children with developmental delays and disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in colleaboration with EDUS (NGO), UNICEF, and Dr Nirvana Pistoljevic (Columbia University).

Teaching children to enjoy eating their fruit and vegetables (Food Dudes) and engaging in physical activity (Dynamic Dudes): I have been especially interested in application of the healtyhy eating interventions in special schools and with children diagnosed with autism. Collaborators include Prof Pauline Horne (Bangor), Dr Simon Viktor (Bangor) and Dr Catherine Sharp (Bristol).

Contact Info

Brigantia 209, Penrallt Rd

Office ext 3107

Mob +44 (0)7984 090803

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