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Pretty Karibo is a PhD candidate investigating the relationships between International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and developing nations, with a particular focus on regions such as Nigeria. Her research delves into the dynamics between fiscal tightening policies in the context of IFI frameworks and their impacts on the socio-economic development of these nations.

Central to Pretty's research is the innovative integration of technology, predominantly through the deployment of machine learning-enhanced predictive modelling. This technological approach allows for the advanced simulation and scrutiny of various socio-economic scenarios, offering a nuanced perspective that significantly enriches the understanding of the effects of fiscal policy in developing countries.

In her third year of doctoral studies, Pretty employs a mixed-methods approach, engaging in collaboration with industry experts to conduct both qualitative interviews and extensive quantitative analysis. Her rigorous work involves a meticulous assessment of key socio-economic indicators. This approach is geared towards an objective evaluation of the socio-economic implications of fiscal policies within the IFI frameworks, particularly focusing on government primary expenses.

While Pretty's research is primarily centred on the context of Nigeria, its implications extend to a wider spectrum of developing countries. Her work is dedicated to providing a balanced and thorough analysis of fiscal policies, highlighting the necessity of aligning such policies with the objectives of sustainable development and the specific needs of individual nations.

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