Dr Shasha Wang

Lecturer in Chinese Studies

Contact info

Position: Lecturer in Chinese Studies & Head of Chinese

Email: s.wang@bangor.ac.uk

Phone: 01248 382117 (2117 internal)

Location: Room 409, New Arts Building

Contact Info

Position: Lecturer in Chinese Studies & Head of Chinese

Email: s.wang@bangor.ac.uk

Phone: 01248 382117 (2117 internal)

Location: Room 409, New Arts Building


Since I started my teaching career in Higher Education back in 1999, my main objective has always been to assist students in enhancing their language proficiency, critical thinking skills, practical expertise, and overall intellectual abilities.  Alongside this, I strive to support their personal growth and development, including their future employability.

After completing my first MA degree in Literature in Xi'an (China), I relocated to Beijing in 2002. During my time as a Senior Lecturer at North China University of Technology (Beijing, China), I had the opportunity to teach both undergraduate and postgraduate students. In 2004, I pursued a second MA degree in Education in London, and subsequently spent several years teaching Chinese at various institutions in the UK.

Before joining Bangor University, I taught at Southampton University and completed my PhD in Chinese Studies at Durham University.  Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of teaching students at different levels of proficiency in the Chinese language, from beginners to intermediate and advanced levels. I have also taught modules on various aspects of Chinese Studies to undergraduate and postgraduate students, including those pursuing PhD programmes in Chinese Studies and Translation Studies.


Teaching and Supervision


I teach a wide range of modules on Chinese Language, Chinese Studies (culture, history, literature and film) and translation between Chinese and English:

  • LZC-1003 Chinese for Beginners 1 (Y1)
  • LZC-1004 Chinese for Beginners 2 (Y1)
  • LZC-2040 Chinese Language Skills (Y2)
  • LZC-3040 & LZC-3030 Advanced Chinese Language Skills (Y4)
  • LZC-3031 3-Language Project (2 maj/1 minor) (Y4)
  • LXE-3444 (Target language) and LXE-3400 (English): UG dissertation in Chinese (Y4)
  • LXC-1100 Introduction to Chinese Studies (Y1)- before 2019
  • LXC-2200 Contemporary Chinese Studies (Y2)
  • LXE-2012 Identities in World Cinema (Y2)
  • LXE-1600 Transnational Cultures (Y1)
  • LXE-1700 Creating National Histories (Y1)
  • International programme modules:
  • LXC-1700 Creating National Histories (S1) and LXC-1600 Transnational Cultures (S2) —Year 1
  • - LXC-3041 Chinese Translation 1 (S1) and LXC-3042 Chinese Translation 2 (S2)



  • Commentary and Translation practice (English to Chinese) as parts of the module of LXM-4024 Working on a Translation Portfolio 
  • Commentary and Translation practice (English to Chinese) as parts of the module of LXM 4025 Translation Studies Dissertations
  • Chinese to English translation workshop as part of the module of LXM-4024 & LCM-4024 Working on a Translation Portfolio (S2)

PhD Supervision

Completed doctoral students:

  • Mr. Jinquan Yu: 'Dylan Thomas in Chinese translation: a sociological analysis'  (2019)
  • Mrs. Chunli Shen: 'Ideological Patterns in the Translations of Yan Lianke into English: Images of China, Gender and Politics' (2022)
  • Ms. Yujuan Zou: ' Space and Translation: Fictional Spaces in David Hawkes' The story of the Stone (2023)

Current PhD student(s) under supervision:

  • Miss. Bixiao Lu: 'English Translation of Chinese Historical Classics (1840-1919)'

Visiting Scholar:

Completed visiting scholars:

  • Aug 2018- Jan 2019, Mrs. Fang Li, from Dongguan University of Technology, China
  • Feb 2019- April 2019, Mr. Wei Yuan, from Henan University, China



Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Head of Chinese
  • Personal Tutor
  • UG (Chinese) Dissertation Coordinator
  • Assistant Director (the Confucius Institute at Bangor University)
  • PhD internal examiner and PhD annual review chairperson

Teaching Qualifications and Awards:

2020-present, Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), UK

2019, Award of Teaching Fellowship of the Year, Bangor University, Wales, UK

2017-present, Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), UK

2004-present, Higher Education Teacher Qualification, Ministry of Education, China

2003-2004, Senior Lectureship, North China University of Technology, China

2002-2003, Lectureship, North China University of Technology, China

Other Professional Qualification/Membership/Certificate:

August 2023- present, Membership in the Professional Committee of Knowledge Translation of the Society for the Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Languages and Cultures, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

May 2023- present, External Consultant for MA Translation Studies programme, University of Science and Technology, China

Jan 2023- Dec 2023, Membership of the QAA (The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, UK) Advisory Group for the Area Studies Subject 2024 Benchmark Statement, UK

Oct 2022- Sept 2026, External Examiner for Chinese UG programme, the University of Aberdeen

March 2021, invited as the Examiner/Judge at the 2021 Mandarin Teaching Championship- Wales Competition

2020-present, Membership of Chinese Classics Bilinguials'Association, China

2018-present, Membership of the British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS), UK

2017-present, Membership of the International Society for Science and Civilization on the Silk Road

2009-present, Membership of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching

2001-present, Membership of Translator’s Association of Shaanxi, China

2008, AQA & Edexcel Examiner for Chinese, UK

2007-present, British Airways Flag Awards Certificate for Mandarin/Chinese Accredited Examiner, UK

2004-present, Certificate of Mandarin Chinese Level (Level 1, highest level), Ministry of Education, China

2004-present, Diploma of Educational Study for teachers (HE), Ministry of Education, China

2003-present, Certificate of Oral English Examiner for Beijing Municipal Government, China

Postgraduate Project Opportunities

I would be interested in hearing from students considering doing MPhil/PhD in Chinese Studies, which includes the areas of Sino-West Relations; Geopolitics; Images of China (Representations and Self-representations); Chinese films & documentaries; Western films & documentaries on China; and interdisciplinary study between Chinese Studies and Translation Studies

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