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Room: Marine Centre Wales   Phone:01248 383252

I am a Professor in Marine Biology in the School of Ocean Sciences. I completed my BSc (Jt. Hons. Marine Biology and Zoology) and PhD in Octopus immunology at Bangor University. Following a Marie Curie fellowship (on oyster immune function) in Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) station in Roscoff, France and a Return Marie Curie (immunology and genetics of oysters) I was made a Research Lecturer in 2007 and a Senior Research Fellow in 2015. I have been successful in obtaining a number of research council, EU and commercial funding.

My primary research is on environmental impacts on shellfish. This covers four main themes: i) Understanding the current ecological processes and functions which govern shellfish health, ii) Studying the impact of climate change on the abundance, distribution and health of shellfish, iii) Quantifying the terrestrial sources and impacts of pollutants and pathogens on shellfish, iv) As a cross-cutting theme running across these areas of science, my research seeks to understand the cascading effects of these drivers of change on the aquaculture industry, and the wider societal impacts on the ecosystem services that shellfish underpin.

My research is often applied science, driven by industry questions. When combined with novel scientific techniques and taking a holistic, multidisciplinary approach, this produces both cutting-edge science and research impact, with direct benefits to stakeholders as well as the research community.

Research Areas

  1. Adoption of viral environmental surveillance tools to protect public health during the COVID-19 pandemic [REF2021]

    Davey Jones (Participant), James McDonald (Participant), Kata Farkas (Participant), Shelagh Malham (Participant), Lewis Le Vay (Participant), Colin Jago (Participant), Peter Robins (Participant) & Julia Patricia Gordon Jones (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Environmental, Health/Quality of life, Policy and Public Services