Ms Shelby De Meulenaere

Postgraduate Mindfulness Tutor


Shelby completed a BA degree in Psychology with a Philosophy Minor. During her undergraduate degree, she studied abroad at Bangor University and fell in love with the excellent Psychology programme in Bangor, so came back to complete an MSc in Foundations of Clinical Psychology at Bangor University. Through her Master’s degree, Shelby was afforded the opportunity to work with Dr. Dusana Dorjee on her thesis project, which examined mindfulness and emotion regulation from a neuroscientific perspective. She then completed her PhD, which focused on exploring the impact of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) on brain markers of ageing.


Shelby is a Post-Graduate Mindfulness Tutor and Thesis Supervisor for the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice within the School of Human and Behavioural Sciences.

Teaching and Supervision

Module Organisers for the following modules:

Research Module (PMP-4004)


Support Tutor on Mindfulness and the Brain (PMP-4014)


Thesis Supervisor for MSc and MA in Mindfulness (PMP-4006 and PMP-4007)


Shelby is interested in research on the neuroscience of mindfulness, ageing, and stress. In addition, Shelby has a growing interest on research focusing on equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in mindfulness. She has supervised qualitative and quantitative, Master's thesis projects on EDI, creativity, teaching, teacher training, and mindfulness.

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