Miss Siyang Ren

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email: syr21yvt@bangor.ac.uk


PhD Project title:

Abundance and source identification of microplastics in Chinese farmland soils

Prof. Dave Chadwick & Prof. Davey Jones.


I am a PhD student that currently working in the project called "Do agricultural microplastics undermine food security and sustainable development in less economically developed countries?” (GCRF, Project NE/V005871/1). This project is supported by the UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund and the Natural Environment Research Council project, and the High-level Team Project of China Agricultural University.  This project is led by Prof. Davey Jones at Bangor University. 


Abundance, source identification and ecological impacts of plastics residues in Chinese farmland soils


Research Interests:
- Microplastic,
- Plastic Pollution,
- Model, 
- Material Flows Analysis (MFA)

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