Dr Sophie Williams

Honorary Lecturer


I am interested in the interactions between ecology and socio-economic system, how botanic gardens play a role and how they can be used to make plant conservation more successful. In the past I have focused my research on how social science can be used to improve plant conservation. I used botanic gardens as model. There are over 2500 botanic gardens world wide which provided an excellent case study model system. This work was carried out in collaboration with BGCI particularly with Sara Oldfield. 

I used the harvesting of the Xate palm in Guatemala and Belize as a case study example to develop a bio-economic model which explicitly describes the interactions between peoples behaviour and how particular stages of the plant growth are targeted for harvesting.



I now have a severe brain injury, so my research is currently taking a back seat. I endeavour to do as much research as possible, and I am prioritising it but I am limited how much I can actually accomplish. I want to highlight the importance of a good working environment. So I am currently listening to Simon and Garfunkel. I am just saying this to emphasise the role music can play in making the working environment more suitable. The social context and environmental setting will affect results so it is very important to acknowledge and recognise them. 


I am member of the SNS Conservation Research Group  (Conservation@Bangor), and regularly attend its meetings, which I thoroughly enjoy.



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