Dr Steph Harris

Research Officer in animal movement and population ecology


I am a researcher in the School of Ocean Sciences, interested in animal behaviour and movement ecology, with a focus on seabirds.

Currently I work on the foraging decisions and energetics of Manx shearwaters breeding at colonies in the Irish Sea. My previous research has focused on (i) individual behavioural variation in polar seabirds and (ii) using long-term tracking data to understand the demography of threatened bird species.


Selected publications:

Harris SM et al. (2023) Understanding the demography of a reinforced population: Long-term survival of captive-bred and wild-born houbara bustards in Morocco. Biological Conservation 284:110185.

McCully F, Descamps S, Harris SM et al. (2023) Links between personality, reproductive success and re-pairing patterns in a long-lived seabird. Ethology 129: 686-700.

Descamps S, Harris SM et al. (2022) Variation in Antarctic petrel foraging ecology: not all individuals specialise on krill. Frontiers in Marine Science 9:809852.

Jouanneau W, Sebastiano M, Rozen-Rechels D, Harris SM et al. (2022) Blood mercury concentrations in four sympatric gull species from South Western France: insights from stable isotopes and biologging. Environmental Pollution 308:119619.

Trevail AM, Green JA, Bolton M, Daunt F, Harris SM et al. (2021) Environmental heterogeneity promotes individual specialisation in habitat selection in a widely distributed seabird. Journal of Animal Ecology 90: 2875-2887.

Harris SM et al. (2020) Personality-specific carry- over effects on breeding. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287:20202381.

Harris SM et al. (2020) Personality predicts foraging site fidelity and trip repeatability in a marine predator. Journal of Animal Ecology 89:68-79.

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