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Professor in Marine Biology


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Position: Professor

Room: 404 Westbury Mount

Phone: 01248 382896



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Contact Info

Position: Professor

Room: 404 Westbury Mount

Phone: 01248 382896



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I graduated in Zoology from Cambridge University in 1990 and undertook my PhD at Port Erin Marine Laboratory, University of Liverpool between 1991 and 1995. My PhD focused on plant-animal interactions on algal-dominated, sheltered rocky shores. I remained at Port Erin on the Isle of Man for a further 6 years, undertaking two post-doctoral research posts. The first, extended my interests in inter-tidal ecology over a European scale within the EUROROCK project, and the second, broadened my horizons to examine the impacts of demersal fishing techniques on benthic communities. In 2001 I was appointed a Research Fellow at the Marine Biological Association where I developed a research group in experimental benthic ecology. In 2007 I moved to the School of Ocean Sciences and in 2009 was appointed Reader in Marine Ecology. I was awarded a personal chair in October 2015.



I am an experimental benthic ecologist with interests in both rocky intertidal and sublittoral sedimentary habitats. My research in the past 10 years has focused on four main areas: 1) supply side ecology of benthic marine invertebrates using acorn barnacles as model organisms; 2) the consequences of biodiversity loss to the functioning of marine ecosystems; 3) the role of key herbivores in intertidal systems and the generality of their effects over large geographic scales; 4) anthropogenic impacts on benthic sedimentary communities. These areas are discussed in more detail on my personal home page:

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Grant Awards and Projects


Newton Fund- Institutional Links Award with British Council and FAPESP, Brazil Jenkins SR, Christofoletti RA, St. John FAV, Martins F.  Coastal biodiversity and public policies: methodologies and actions to integrate stakeholders.  £120k April 2017-March 2019


FAPESP, Brazil Christofoletti, RA; Jenkins, SR; Ciotti, AM; Burrows, MT. The strength of ecological interactions and environmental mediation at coastal ecosystems £45k. August 2017-July 2019


INTERREG Ireland-Wales Programme 2014-2020 Ironside et al (Jenkins SR Lead Bangor PI) ECOSTRUCTURE: climate change adaptation through ecologically sensitive coastal infrastructure £3.5 Million (£774k to Bangor). June 2017- November 2020


FAPESP, Brazil Dias GM International collaborators: Jenkins SR and Griffith KM Consequences of the modifications caused by recreational marinas on coastal environments for marine sessile organisms.  December 2016- December 2018


Bangor University –FAPESP Brazil Partnership  Dias GM, Griffith KM, Jenkins SR The importance of large-scale variation and predation pressure on the organization of marine sessile communities  £9500  April 2016-March 2018


British Council-FAPESP-Researcher Links Workshop.  Jenkins SR, Christofoletti RA Global change in coastal marine ecosystems £40,000 March 2015


CNPq, Brazil  López  MS and  Flores G £18,000  (Jenkins SR-Overseas collaborator) Assessment of the persistence of the invasive bivalve Isognomon bicolor after its mass mortality on the SE coast of Brazil: distribution, abundance and re-colonization of intertidal rocky shores.  July 2014- June 2015.


FAPESP, Brazil Visiting Researcher, Jenkins SR £32000 January 2014-August 2014


Bangor University –FAPESP Brazil Partnership Jenkins SR, Ciotti AM, Christofoletti R £9300 Integration of marine ecological processes at multiple spatial scales in the Brazilian coastal zone August 2013-July 2015


Chile: National Fund for Scientific & Technological Development (FONDECYT) Aguilera M £98,000 (Jenkins SR – Overseas Collaborator)  Functional redundancy and limiting similarity: regional compensation and coexistence in a biogeographic transition zone.  2012-2015


CNPq, Brazil de Souza SAC and Jenkins SR £35,000 Community and ecosystem level consequences of changes in consumer identity in a changing marine environment.  July 2012- June 2013


FAPESP, Brazil  López  MS and Jenkins SR £40,000 Risk allocation hypotheses and trophic cascades: the effect of variable risk predation environments on the feeding behavior of the herbivorous Littorina obtusata and the induced defenses of the macroalgae Ascophyllum nodosum.  July 2012- June 2013.


CNPqBrazil(Process 475681/2011-8). RA Christofoletti, SR Jenkins, MT Burrows and AM Ciotti. US$ 25,000. Balance of top-down and bottom up processes regulating a prey-predator system on intertidal rocky shores: an interhemispheric comparison. 2012-2013


Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Portugal. Martins GM, Jenkins SR, Matthias M £75000 Effects of habitat destruction on marine benthic metacommunities: a multi habitat study.  January 2012 to December 2013


Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Portugal.  Martins GM (In association with Jenkins SR, Arenas F) Post-doctoral fellowship:  Effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning: a contrast between oceanic isolated islands and the adjacent continental mass.


INTERREG 4a EU: Ireland Wales programme Malham, Jenkins SR et al £630,000 SUSFISH: Shellfish productivity in the Irish Sea: working towards a sustainable future.  2009-2013


Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Portugal Jenkins SR and Martins GM £13,000 Environmental mediation of biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships in the marine environment. September 2004


MARBEF Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Network of Excellence, Responsive Mode Project BIOFUSE £22,000 to the MBA. March 2005


NSF CORONA Network £2100 Jenkins SR Travel and subsistence for meetings in Maine USA (August 2002), Reykjavik, Iceland (August 2003), and Roscoff (July 2005) 





WEFO: Ser Cymru II Fellowship to Davies TW in association with Jenkins SR Artificial Light Impacts on the Encroachment of Invasive Species (ALIENS)  £171k Oct 17- Sept 20


Natural Resources Wales Jenkins SR and Roche R  Development of a novel in-water quarantine system as part of a Welsh biosecurity plan for marine non native species.  £21k June 2016- March 2017


NERC (UK-Chile collaborative grant) UK: Scourse J, Jenkins SR, Richardson CA; Chile: Brante A, Camus P, Urzua A, Tellier F. Impacts of deglaciation on benthic marine ecosystems in Antarctica (445k to Bangor) October 2016- September 2019


Heritage Lottery Fund  Delany J, Jenkins SR et al Capturing Our Coast £1.7 million (£250k to Bangor) October 2015 to September 2018


Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, Isle of Man. Kaiser M, Hiddink J, Jenkins SR, McCVarthy I, £600k Independent Fisheries Science Advice  2015-2018


Natural Resources Wales Jenkins SR, Roche R, Griffith KM  £20,000 Development of a Welsh biosecurity plan for marine non native species through practical implementation of a novel quarantine system. November 2014-March 2015


Welsh Government NRN-LCEE research cluster  Skov M, Jenkins SR et al (includes Swansea, Cardiff and Plymouth)- £568 (£284 to Bangor) RESILCOAST – Integrating ecosystem resilience into coastal planning for the persistence of natural flood protection and wetland ecosystem services April 2015- March 2019


Natural Resources Wales Jenkins SR and Griffith KM, £35,000 Wales Marine Non-Native Species Inshore Monitoring Network.  2013-15


Natural Resources Wales/Welsh Government Ecosystem Resilience and Diversity Fund Davies, Jenkins SR , Neill S & Robins P. The reproduction and connectivity of Sabellaria alveolata reefs within Wales £82,500

KESS MRes Studentship with industrial partner NRW. Daves A, Jenkins SR, Brazier P Training grant to support MRes student to study the flow fields created by S. alveolata £36,000. 2013-14

CCW and Welsh Government   Ecosystem Resilience and Diversity Fund. Davies A, Jenkins SR, and  Baas J £45,000 Function and restoration of Sabellaria alveolata reefs 2012

Santander Mobility Scholarship for Brazil research trip Jenkins SR £700 July 2012


Countryside Council for Wales  Jenkins SR, LeVay L, £60,000 Potential spread and impact of the invasive non-native marine species Didemnum vexillum in North Wales July 2011


Countryside Council for Wales  Bohn K, Richardson CA, Jenkins SR £10,500   Student bursary to support a long term study on the life cycle of Crepidula fornicata in the Milford Haven Waterway January 2010


Climate Change Consortium for Wales Jenkins SR and Gimenez L £40,000 Experimental approaches to determining community level impacts of climate change in marine ecosystems March 2009


Countryside Council for Wales  Jenkins SR £6,500  Student bursaries in experimental benthic ecology January 2008- March 2011


NERC Standard Grant NEH006702/1  £489,629  Jenkins SR, Gimenez L, Burrows MT  Towards an integrative theory of recruitment in marine benthic organisms January 2010


HEFCW/WAG   £20,000 to Jenkins SR, Gimenez L, Hawkins SJ   Marine and atmospheric systems and climate change (MASCC)  ‘New challenges for a better future’      


Defra  £6000 Jenkins SR Marina survey for the invasive ascidian Didemnum vexillum on the north-west coast of England.  November 2009 


Countryside Council for Wales £4,700 Jenkins SR Continuation of a benthic time series in N Wales  February 2010


Countryside Council for Wales £5,500 Jenkins SR Investigation into the potential spread and impact of the invasive non-native marine species Didemnum vexillum in North Wales.  July 2009


Defra £10,000 Jenkins SR and Hinz H, Establishing a benthic time series in North Wales: linking the old with the new.  October 2008


Esmee Fairbairn Foundation £120,000 (£20,000 to Bangor) Cooke E, Bishop J, Maggs C, Jenkins SR, McCollin T, Clarke. Marine aliens II: controlling marine invasive species by targeting vectors of dispersal. March 2008


Defra£10,000  Jenkins SR, Hinz H, Cappasso E Frost M, Long term change in benthic fauna off Plymouth: utilizing historic records and establishing a long term time series. March 2007


Natural England £12,000 Jenkins SR, Hinz H, Cappasso E Frost M  Establishing the extent of change in gravel communities at the Eddystone Reef: a potential offshore Special Area of Conservation. March 2007


NERC Small Grant (NE/E010482/1) £69,183  Hawkins SJ, Edwards M, Jenkins SR  Climate driven changes in recruitment success:  linking long term trends in physical and biological parameters with larval abundance February 2007


English Nature: Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund £108,759 Jenkins SR and Frost MAn environmental context to the effects of marine aggregate dredging January 2006


NERC Standard grant (NE/B504649/1)£230,010  Jenkins SR, Thompson RC, Hawkins SJ, Burrows MT Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: tests using rockpools as natural mesocosms March 2005


The Royal Society £820 Jenkins SR Conference grant to attend the Ecological Society of America's Annual Meeting. August 2004


The Nuffield Foundation £1450 Jenkins SR Larval transport of meroplankton: the role of vertical migration.  July 2004


Esmee Fairburn Foundation £20,000 Jenkins SR  and Arenas F ALIENS: Conserving native biodiversity by raising awareness of invasive species. April 2004


NERC Small Grant (NER/B/S/2003/00266) £25,785   Jenkins SR, Hawkins SJ and Arenas FA Susceptibility of marine algal communities to alien invasion: the role of functional diversity. October 2003


NERC New Investigators Award (NER/M/S/2002/00117) £50,868 Jenkins SR Interaction of recruitment and post-recruitment processes in controlling population dynamics of benthic marine invertebrates February 2003


BES Small Ecological Project Grant £1424  Jenkins SR and Boalch G  Long term change in marine phytoplankton communities: extraction and analysis of forty years of data. January 2003

Research areas and keywords


  • QL Zoology
  • QH301 Biology

Education / academic qualifications

  • 1990 - BA , Natural Sciences (Zoology)
  • 1995 - PhD , The ecology of sheltered canopy dominated shores
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