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I graduated in Zoology from Cambridge University in 1990 and undertook my PhD at Port Erin Marine Laboratory, University of Liverpool between 1991 and 1995. My PhD focused on plant-animal interactions on algal-dominated, sheltered rocky shores. I remained at Port Erin on the Isle of Man for a further 6 years, undertaking two post-doctoral research posts. The first, extended my interests in inter-tidal ecology over a European scale within the EUROROCK project, and the second, broadened my horizons to examine the impacts of demersal fishing techniques on benthic communities. In 2001 I was appointed a Research Fellow at the Marine Biological Association where I developed a research group in experimental benthic ecology. In 2007 I moved to the School of Ocean Sciences and in 2009 was appointed Reader in Marine Ecology. I was awarded a personal chair in October 2015.


I am an experimental benthic ecologist with interests in both rocky intertidal and sublittoral sedimentary habitats. My research in the past 10 years has focused on four main areas: 1) supply side ecology of benthic marine invertebrates using acorn barnacles as model organisms; 2) the consequences of biodiversity loss to the functioning of marine ecosystems; 3) the role of key herbivores in intertidal systems and the generality of their effects over large geographic scales; 4) anthropogenic impacts on benthic sedimentary communities. These areas are discussed in more detail on my personal home page:

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Grant Awards and Projects


Newton Fund- Institutional Links Award with British Council and FAPESP, Brazil Jenkins SR, Christofoletti RA, St. John FAV, Martins F.  Coastal biodiversity and public policies: methodologies and actions to integrate stakeholders.  £120k April 2017-March 2019


FAPESP, Brazil Christofoletti, RA; Jenkins, SR; Ciotti, AM; Burrows, MT. The strength of ecological interactions and environmental mediation at coastal ecosystems £45k. August 2017-July 2019


INTERREG Ireland-Wales Programme 2014-2020 Ironside et al (Jenkins SR Lead Bangor PI) ECOSTRUCTURE: climate change adaptation through ecologically sensitive coastal infrastructure £3.5 Million (£774k to Bangor). June 2017- November 2020


FAPESP, Brazil Dias GM International collaborators: Jenkins SR and Griffith KM Consequences of the modifications caused by recreational marinas on coastal environments for marine sessile organisms.  December 2016- December 2018


Bangor University –FAPESP Brazil Partnership  Dias GM, Griffith KM, Jenkins SR The importance of large-scale variation and predation pressure on the organization of marine sessile communities  £9500  April 2016-March 2018


British Council-FAPESP-Researcher Links Workshop.  Jenkins SR, Christofoletti RA Global change in coastal marine ecosystems £40,000 March 2015


CNPq, Brazil  López  MS and  Flores G £18,000  (Jenkins SR-Overseas collaborator) Assessment of the persistence of the invasive bivalve Isognomon bicolor after its mass mortality on the SE coast of Brazil: distribution, abundance and re-colonization of intertidal rocky shores.  July 2014- June 2015.


FAPESP, Brazil Visiting Researcher, Jenkins SR £32000 January 2014-August 2014


Bangor University –FAPESP Brazil Partnership Jenkins SR, Ciotti AM, Christofoletti R £9300 Integration of marine ecological processes at multiple spatial scales in the Brazilian coastal zone August 2013-July 2015


Chile: National Fund for Scientific & Technological Development (FONDECYT) Aguilera M £98,000 (Jenkins SR – Overseas Collaborator)  Functional redundancy and limiting similarity: regional compensation and coexistence in a biogeographic transition zone.  2012-2015


CNPq, Brazil de Souza SAC and Jenkins SR £35,000 Community and ecosystem level consequences of changes in consumer identity in a changing marine environment.  July 2012- June 2013


FAPESP, Brazil  López  MS and Jenkins SR £40,000 Risk allocation hypotheses and trophic cascades: the effect of variable risk predation environments on the feeding behavior of the herbivorous Littorina obtusata and the induced defenses of the macroalgae Ascophyllum nodosum.  July 2012- June 2013.


CNPqBrazil(Process 475681/2011-8). RA Christofoletti, SR Jenkins, MT Burrows and AM Ciotti. US$ 25,000. Balance of top-down and bottom up processes regulating a prey-predator system on intertidal rocky shores: an interhemispheric comparison. 2012-2013


Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Portugal. Martins GM, Jenkins SR, Matthias M £75000 Effects of habitat destruction on marine benthic metacommunities: a multi habitat study.  January 2012 to December 2013


Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Portugal.  Martins GM (In association with Jenkins SR, Arenas F) Post-doctoral fellowship:  Effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning: a contrast between oceanic isolated islands and the adjacent continental mass.


INTERREG 4a EU: Ireland Wales programme Malham, Jenkins SR et al £630,000 SUSFISH: Shellfish productivity in the Irish Sea: working towards a sustainable future.  2009-2013


Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Portugal Jenkins SR and Martins GM £13,000 Environmental mediation of biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships in the marine environment. September 2004


MARBEF Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Network of Excellence, Responsive Mode Project BIOFUSE £22,000 to the MBA. March 2005


NSF CORONA Network £2100 Jenkins SR Travel and subsistence for meetings in Maine USA (August 2002), Reykjavik, Iceland (August 2003), and Roscoff (July 2005) 





WEFO: Ser Cymru II Fellowship to Davies TW in association with Jenkins SR Artificial Light Impacts on the Encroachment of Invasive Species (ALIENS)  £171k Oct 17- Sept 20


Natural Resources Wales Jenkins SR and Roche R  Development of a novel in-water quarantine system as part of a Welsh biosecurity plan for marine non native species.  £21k June 2016- March 2017


NERC (UK-Chile collaborative grant) UK: Scourse J, Jenkins SR, Richardson CA; Chile: Brante A, Camus P, Urzua A, Tellier F. Impacts of deglaciation on benthic marine ecosystems in Antarctica (445k to Bangor) October 2016- September 2019


Heritage Lottery Fund  Delany J, Jenkins SR et al Capturing Our Coast £1.7 million (£250k to Bangor) October 2015 to September 2018


Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, Isle of Man. Kaiser M, Hiddink J, Jenkins SR, McCVarthy I, £600k Independent Fisheries Science Advice  2015-2018


Natural Resources Wales Jenkins SR, Roche R, Griffith KM  £20,000 Development of a Welsh biosecurity plan for marine non native species through practical implementation of a novel quarantine system. November 2014-March 2015


Welsh Government NRN-LCEE research cluster  Skov M, Jenkins SR et al (includes Swansea, Cardiff and Plymouth)- £568 (£284 to Bangor) RESILCOAST – Integrating ecosystem resilience into coastal planning for the persistence of natural flood protection and wetland ecosystem services April 2015- March 2019


Natural Resources Wales Jenkins SR and Griffith KM, £35,000 Wales Marine Non-Native Species Inshore Monitoring Network.  2013-15


Natural Resources Wales/Welsh Government Ecosystem Resilience and Diversity Fund Davies, Jenkins SR , Neill S & Robins P. The reproduction and connectivity of Sabellaria alveolata reefs within Wales £82,500

KESS MRes Studentship with industrial partner NRW. Daves A, Jenkins SR, Brazier P Training grant to support MRes student to study the flow fields created by S. alveolata £36,000. 2013-14

CCW and Welsh Government   Ecosystem Resilience and Diversity Fund. Davies A, Jenkins SR, and  Baas J £45,000 Function and restoration of Sabellaria alveolata reefs 2012

Santander Mobility Scholarship for Brazil research trip Jenkins SR £700 July 2012


Countryside Council for Wales  Jenkins SR, LeVay L, £60,000 Potential spread and impact of the invasive non-native marine species Didemnum vexillum in North Wales July 2011


Countryside Council for Wales  Bohn K, Richardson CA, Jenkins SR £10,500   Student bursary to support a long term study on the life cycle of Crepidula fornicata in the Milford Haven Waterway January 2010


Climate Change Consortium for Wales Jenkins SR and Gimenez L £40,000 Experimental approaches to determining community level impacts of climate change in marine ecosystems March 2009


Countryside Council for Wales  Jenkins SR £6,500  Student bursaries in experimental benthic ecology January 2008- March 2011


NERC Standard Grant NEH006702/1  £489,629  Jenkins SR, Gimenez L, Burrows MT  Towards an integrative theory of recruitment in marine benthic organisms January 2010


HEFCW/WAG   £20,000 to Jenkins SR, Gimenez L, Hawkins SJ   Marine and atmospheric systems and climate change (MASCC)  ‘New challenges for a better future’      


Defra  £6000 Jenkins SR Marina survey for the invasive ascidian Didemnum vexillum on the north-west coast of England.  November 2009 


Countryside Council for Wales £4,700 Jenkins SR Continuation of a benthic time series in N Wales  February 2010


Countryside Council for Wales £5,500 Jenkins SR Investigation into the potential spread and impact of the invasive non-native marine species Didemnum vexillum in North Wales.  July 2009


Defra £10,000 Jenkins SR and Hinz H, Establishing a benthic time series in North Wales: linking the old with the new.  October 2008


Esmee Fairbairn Foundation £120,000 (£20,000 to Bangor) Cooke E, Bishop J, Maggs C, Jenkins SR, McCollin T, Clarke. Marine aliens II: controlling marine invasive species by targeting vectors of dispersal. March 2008


Defra£10,000  Jenkins SR, Hinz H, Cappasso E Frost M, Long term change in benthic fauna off Plymouth: utilizing historic records and establishing a long term time series. March 2007


Natural England £12,000 Jenkins SR, Hinz H, Cappasso E Frost M  Establishing the extent of change in gravel communities at the Eddystone Reef: a potential offshore Special Area of Conservation. March 2007


NERC Small Grant (NE/E010482/1) £69,183  Hawkins SJ, Edwards M, Jenkins SR  Climate driven changes in recruitment success:  linking long term trends in physical and biological parameters with larval abundance February 2007


English Nature: Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund £108,759 Jenkins SR and Frost MAn environmental context to the effects of marine aggregate dredging January 2006


NERC Standard grant (NE/B504649/1)£230,010  Jenkins SR, Thompson RC, Hawkins SJ, Burrows MT Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: tests using rockpools as natural mesocosms March 2005


The Royal Society £820 Jenkins SR Conference grant to attend the Ecological Society of America's Annual Meeting. August 2004


The Nuffield Foundation £1450 Jenkins SR Larval transport of meroplankton: the role of vertical migration.  July 2004


Esmee Fairburn Foundation £20,000 Jenkins SR  and Arenas F ALIENS: Conserving native biodiversity by raising awareness of invasive species. April 2004


NERC Small Grant (NER/B/S/2003/00266) £25,785   Jenkins SR, Hawkins SJ and Arenas FA Susceptibility of marine algal communities to alien invasion: the role of functional diversity. October 2003


NERC New Investigators Award (NER/M/S/2002/00117) £50,868 Jenkins SR Interaction of recruitment and post-recruitment processes in controlling population dynamics of benthic marine invertebrates February 2003


BES Small Ecological Project Grant £1424  Jenkins SR and Boalch G  Long term change in marine phytoplankton communities: extraction and analysis of forty years of data. January 2003

Teaching and Supervision

I teach a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules in marine ecology and experimental design/ statistical analysis.

I have supervised thirteen PhD students to completion (7 as lead supervisor) and currently supervise 7 PhD students (4 as lead supervisor).   

Laure Noel (Co-supervisor with Thompson and Hawkins) Species interactions during succession in rockpools: role of herbivores and physical factors. University of Plymouth. Completed 2007   Self funded


Valter Amaral (Co-supervisor with Paula and Hawkins) Environmental constraints on population structure and condition of coastal and estuarine crabs (Crustacea: Brachyura) Universidade de Lisboa. Completed 2008   Funded by Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Portugal £60,000 Awarded to Paula J, Hawkins SJ.


John Griffin (Lead supervisor with Hawkins and Thompson) Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: tests using rockpools as natural mesocosms University of Plymouth Completed 2008  Funded through NERC Tied studentship with NERC Standard grant (NE/B504649/1) £55,000 Awarded to Jenkins SR, Thompson RC, Hawkins SJ, Burrows MT


Gustavo Martins (Lead supervisor with Thompson and Hawkins) Community structure and dynamics of the Azorean rocky intertidal:  interaction of recruitment regime and exploitation of keystone species  University of Plymouth.  Completed 2009 Funded by Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Portugal £60,000 Awarded to Jenkins SR, Hawkins SJ, Neto A, Thompson RC, Martins GM


Thomas Davies (Co-supervisor with Hiddink and Hawkins) Realistic extinction scenarios in the marine benthos: consequences for ecosystem functioning Bangor University Completed 2011 Funded through SOS Internal NERC PhD studentship£55,000 Hiddink J,Jenkins SR


Joao Ferreira (Lead supervisor with Hawkins and Burrows) Latitudinal and climatic driven changes in local patterns of intertidal macroalgae: implications for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.  Bangor University  Completed 2012  Funded by Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Portugal  £60,000Awarded toJenkins SR, Hawkins SJ,


Andrew Johnson (Lead supervisor with Hiddink, Hinz and Sims) Determining habitat requirements of demersal fish for the design of marine protected areas.  Bangor University Completed 2012  Funded through SOS Internal NERC PhD studentship£55,000 Jenkins SR, Hinz H, Hiddink J, Sims DA


Katrin Bohn (Co-supervisor with Richardson) The distribution and impact of the invasive mollusc Crepidula fornicata under future climate change scenarios. Bangor University.  Completed 2012  Funded through CCW and Bangor Mussel Producers Association £60,000 To Richardson CR and Jenkins SR


Marija Scibarras (Lead supervisor with Hawkins and Pullin) Evaluating the comparative biological effectiveness of fully and partially protected marine areas.  Bangor University.  Completed 2012  Partially funded by Maltese government and IMAREST.  £20,000 Awarded to Scibarras


Kate Griffith (Co-supervisor with Gimenez)  Climate driven changes in recruitment success of marine invertebrates: the role of food supply and temperature.  Bangor University.  Completed 2013  Funded through College of Natural Sciences Internal PhD studentship£60,000 Gimenez L and Jenkins SR


Tim Whitton (Co-supervisor with Richardson and Hiddink) Processes controlling spatial and temporal variation in the abundance and distribution of the cockle Cerastoderma edule (L.) Bangor University.  Completed 2013  Funded through University of Wales studentship and sponsorship from Environment Agency Wales £60,000 Richardson CA, Hiddink J, Jenkins SR


Tom Potter  (Lead supervisor with Davies and Gimenez) Climate change effects on intertidal community structure.  Bangor University Completed 2015  Partially funded through Climate Change Consortium of Wales £15,000 Jenkins SR and Gimenez L


Kringpaka Wangkulangkul (Lead supervisor with Hawkins) Community level effects of variable recruitment of a key species in the rocky intertidal.  Bangor University.  Completed 2016  Funded through Prince of Songkla University Thailand £70,000


Mauricio Orostica (Lead supervisor with Hawkins SJ) Inter-hemispheric comparison of species functional roles, compensatory potential and distributional range shifts.  Expected completion 2017   Funded through National Fund for Scientific & Technological Development (FONDECYT), Chile.


Davide DeBattisti (Co-supervisor with Griffin and Fowler at Swansea) Biodiversity and the resilience of salt marsh ecosystems to climate change.  Expected completion: June 2018  Funded through Sêr Cymru National Research Network for Low Carbon, Energy and Environment


Mollie Duggan-Edwards (Co-supervisor with Skov and Garbutt) Ecological resilience and state shifts in coastal salt marshes  Funded through Sêr Cymru National Research Network for Low Carbon, Energy and Environment

Andre Pardal Souza (Co-supervisor with Christofoletti at Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo) Large scale patterns in predator- prey interactions  Funded through FAPESP


Simon Karythis (Lead supervisor with Whiteley and McCarthy)  An interdisciplinary approach to understanding predator modification of prey behaviour  Funded by NERC ENVISION DTP


Liz Morris (Lead supervisor with St John and Kaiser) Unregulated intertidal harvesting in Wales   Funded through Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS) and Marine EcoSol


Harry Goudge (Lead supervisor with Davies) Do artificial structures facilitate the spread of marine invasive non-native species?   Funded through Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS) and Marine EcoSol



Research areas and keywords


  • QL Zoology
  • QH301 Biology

Education / academic qualifications

  • 1990 - BA , Natural Sciences (Zoology)
  • 1995 - PhD , The ecology of sheltered canopy dominated shores
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