Miss Tasha Roberts

Lecturer in Law (Welsh Medium)

Contact info

E-mail: abs83d@bangor.ac.uk

Office: Room 201, Aethwy Building



Tasha Roberts joined Bangor University as a Law Lecturer in 2021 and specialises in Media Law, the English and Welsh Legal System, and Medical Law and Ethics. She completed her undergraduate studies at Bangor University, where she graduated with a First Class LLB (Hons) degree, before later earning LLM in Medical Law and Ethics with DeMontfort University. Tasha is currently pursuing a PhD at Bangor University.

Contact Info

E-mail: abs83d@bangor.ac.uk

Office: Room 201, Aethwy Building



Tasha’s main research interests lie in Medical Law and Ethics, focusing particularly on children’s autonomy and women’s rights. She is especially interested in exploring issues involving informed consent and the legal landscape surrounding reproduction. She also has a vested interest towards Media Law, most notably the relationship between defamation and freedom of expression, which is reflected within her teaching.

Teaching and Supervision

Tasha's current teaching responsibilities include:

  • SXL-1201/2201: Law, Justice, and Procedure (Module Leader)
  • SXL-2130/3130: Media Law (Module Leader)
  • SXL-3113: Undergraduate Dissertation Supervision (English and Welsh Medium)
  • SXL-4300: Postgraduate Dissertation Supervision
  • SCL-1115: Y Gyfraith yn Gymraeg (Module Leader)
  • SXL-1110/2210: Public Law (Welsh Medium Contribution)
  • SXL-2112/3212: Tort Law (Welsh Medium Contribution)

Tasha has previously taught on the following modules:

  • SXL-3070: Brexit & European Union Law in the UK (Welsh Medium Contribution)
  • SXL 3110: International Law & Contemporary Issues (International Criminal Law Contributions)
  • SXL-0001: Introduction to Law and Justice (Contribution)


Administrative Roles (2023/24):

  • Admissions Lead (Undergraduate Law)
  • School Liason Officer
  • Employability Lead (Welsh Medium)

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