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Phone: 0(+44)7808264629

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Phone: 0(+44)7808264629


Research: Creating a portfolio of original compositions with the following aims:

Creating expressive and complex music that is also comprehensible to an audience.

A form of post-modal Neo-Romanticism focussed on the development of interval-based motifs over the span of an entire work or movement.

The understanding and development of the expressionistic and dramatic qualities of particular intervals for programmatic and non-programmatic music.

Developing an ability to apply this compositional aesthetic to a variety of music including ensembles of various size and genres detailed below.



Symphony for Large Orchestra – c. 25’

Composed April 2021-

Two for Saxophone Duet – 6’

Commissioned by the Idesta Duo to be performed at RNCM in 2021. Composed September – December 2020.

Prog for Small Orchestra – 10’.

Based on ‘Walk’ by Periphery, ‘Of Matter – Resist’ by TesseracT. Composed August 2020 – March 2021

Suite for Solo Flute – 10 ½’

Commisioned by Amy Irvine to be performed in 2021. Composed February – April 2020.

Isolate 1 – for Saxophone Quartet

Performed by the Bangor New Music Ensemble at the Bangor Music Festival 2020, 14/2/2020.

Isolate 2 for Saxophone Quartet

Composed May 2020.

The Evening Straits – Concert Prelude 7’

Performed and recorded by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales as part of Composition Wales: 2020 in the Hoddinott Hall, Millennium Centre, Cardiff, 4/3/20.

String Quartet in Three Movements – 18’

Composed April-July 2019.

Ozymandias/55 for Baritone and Orchestra – 16 ½’

Texts by Percy Bysshe Shelley and William Shakespeare. Composed April 2018 – April 2019.

Safina’s Aria from ‘Divided’4’.

Performed and recorded by Llio Evans and Ian Shaw as part of MusicTheatreWales’ project ‘Make an Aria’ in Mathias Hall, Music Building, Bangor University, 11/5/18.

Bi-Diptych for String Quartet – 5’.

Performed and recorded by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales String Quartet as part of Composition: Wales in the Millennium Centre, Cardiff, 3/3/17.

Workshopped by the Allegri String Quartet, Powis Hall, Bangor University, 31/10/18.

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