Mr Zachary Reading

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Phone: 0(+44)7808264629

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Phone: 0(+44)7808264629


Research: Creating a portfolio of original compositions with the following aims:

Creating expressive and complex music that is also comprehensible to an audience.

A form of post-tonal (MODAL) Neo-Romanticism focussed on the development of interval-based motifs over the span of an entire work or movement.

The understanding and development of the expressionistic and dramatic qualities of particular intervals for programmatic and non-programmatic music.

Developing an ability to apply this compositional aesthetic to a variety of music including ensembles of various size and genres detailed below.



January - March 2018 - An Aria from Divided 

Performed and recorded by Llio Evans and Ian Shaw as part of MusicTheatreWales’ project ‘Make an Aria’ in Mathias Hall, Music Building, Bangor University, 11/5/18.

April 2018 - A setting of Percy Shelley's Ozymandias and Shakespeare's 55th Sonnet for Baritone and Orchsetra.

January 2019 - Five movement String Quartet

2019 - Large Orchestral Work (TBC)

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