"The Redundancy" is a site-specific, multimedia and non-participatory performance, inspired by texts from Heiner Müller. Rumours have it that the performance calls for a theatre of a new kind: more efficient then ever, transformative, outperforming all competition. To celebrate its 100th performance, the event will dissolve in free food, drinks, music and more.

During the performance you will be asked to listen to audio files. The Producer will give you further instructions when and how to do so.

Please follow the Producer´s instructions when and how to get to the different locations of the performance.

REF (Redundancy Efficiency Fanzine) says: "This production demands a new five-star criteria."

The Calendar says: “Most efficient theatre. A theatre of our times.” “You don´t want to miss it.“

The Daily Worker says: If you liked „The Scab“, you will love „The Redundancy“.

FSB demands:

Theatre must be more efficient.

Abolish participation.

Cancel all rehearsals.

Follow the Director.

Manicure the hand that feeds you.

Hedgehoge or Hare?






  • Institutional Critique, Heiner Müller, Production Play, Artistic Research
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2 Jun 2019

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