Clinical Development of an Ultrasensitive OCT Device to Improve the Management of Eye Disease


The Centre for Health Economics and Medicines Evaluation (CHEME), part of the Bangor Institute for Health and Medical Research (BIHMR) in the School of Healthcare Sciences at Bangor University is active in a wide range of health economics research including sight loss studies. CHEME has a track record in publishing economic studies on intervention to prevent and manage sight loss, working recently with Moorfields Eye hospital on the CLARITY study published in the Lancet
Two researchers from CHEME, Seow Tien Yeo and Prof Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, are co-investigators on the optical coherence tomography (OCT) study, which has been awarded £1.3 million of funding from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme. This study aims to develop and explore the clinical development of an Ultra-Sensitive OCT (US-OCT) device to improve the management of eye disease.
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