Dr Christian Dunn

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• Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Sustainability 
• Director of Marketing and Recruitment (SNS)
• Director of Marketing and Recruitment (CoESE)
• c.dunn@bangor.ac.uk
• 4th Floor Brambell Building
• +44 (0) 1248 382098
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Dr Chritian Dunn is the Associate Director of the Bangor Wetlands Group and is an active researcher and lecturer in wetland science - in particular wetland ecology, peatland biogeochemistry, carbon sequestration and the use of constructed treatment wetlands. He is also the director of the Plastic Research Centre of Wales and has ongoing research projects looking at plastic and microplastic pollution.

In 2021 Dr Christian Dunn was appointed as the Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Sustainability at Bangor University, and is working on the sustainability strategy for the university.

An award-winning environmental campaigner and respected public speaker, Dr Chritian Dunn has given three TEDx talks and regularly appears on local and national TV, radio and press publications talking about environmental and climate issues. Being a former journalist he has written extensively for a range of leading newspapers and magazines.

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