Professor Colin Jago

Emeritus Professor

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Dean of College
Room: 104 Marine Centre Wales orG7 Memorial Building
Phone: 01248 382603

Research Interests

My research interests encompass the sedimentary processes of continental margins from estuaries to continental slopes. My work has focussed on measuring lateral and vertical fluxes of sedimentary material (e.g. rate of infilling of estuarine sediments, settling flux of suspended matter on the shelf, cross-margin flux of suspended matter) and their relation to physical forcing (e.g. turbulence, resuspension, advection). These processes require an interdisciplinary approach and I am especially interested in biota-sediment interactions and their control of benthic-pelagic coupling: influence of micro- and macro-fauna on seabed properties and erosion rate, mediation of particle aggregation and settling flux by plankton. I also have an interest in sedimentary processes in the tropical lagoons of Mauritius. All of these studies have required the design and/or application of novel acoustic and optical technologies for remotely sensing sediment properties.

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