Dr Danial Hemmings

Lecturer in Finance

Contact info

Year 1 Academic Tutor for Bangor Business School

Division: Financial Studies, Bangor Business School

Location: Room 2.09, Hen Goleg

Telephone: 01248 38 8162

Email: d.hemmings@bangor.ac.uk

Click here to book an appointment during Danial’s office hours.

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  2. Cyhoeddwyd

    Heterogeneous effects of the SEC's Securities Offering Reform

    Hemmings, D., Hodgkinson, L. & Wang, Q., 30 Medi 2018, Yn : Economics Letters. 170, t. 131-135

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    It’s OK to pay well, if you write well: The effects of remuneration disclosure readability

    Hemmings, D., Hodgkinson, L. & Williams, G., Mai 2020, Yn : Journal of Business Finance and Accounting. 47, 5-6, t. 547-586

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    Explaining Communication Choices during Equity Offerings: Market Timing or Impression Management?

    Hemmings, D., Brennan, N. M. & Merkl-Davies, D. M., Tach 2017, Handbook of Investor Relations and Financial Communications. Laskin, A. (gol.). Wiley

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