Professor Dave Richardson

Head of School of Human and Behavioural Sciences

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Professor Dave Richardson is Head of the School of Human and Behavioural Sciences. The School brings together two of Bangor University’s highly performing disciplines: Psychology, and Sport and Exercise Sciences. As the Head of School Dave plays a key leadership role in the delivery of academic, financial and people management. Dave was appointed as the Head of School in July 2022. Prior to this Dave was the Director of the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences (2014-2022). Dave's academic lens is coloured by an appreciation of the socio-cultural and psycho-social context of applied practice. Dave's primary research interest concerns the management, development and welfare of elite athletes. Specifically, this research incorporates aspects of athlete transitions, identity and critical moments within and out of sport. Typically, this research explores environmental, organisational, leadership and cultural themes that impact the strategic and operational aspects of an organisations approach to athlete development. This research tends to be qualitative in nature and represented through the utilisation of traditional qualitative analysis and/or the utilization of creative non-fiction narratives to capture and illuminate observations of applied practice. Dave's research in socio-cultural and psycho-social aspects of athlete and/or practitioner existence is not confined to performance sport as he has developed a reputation as a leading authority in football health and, in particular, football in the community (FitC). This work utilises the power of football as a vehicle for positive behavioural change. Dave is in a uniquely privileged position of being able to publish and practice extensively in both of these domains. His publications and conference presentations reflect the strategic, operational, cultural, social and psychological development of practice within both the high performance environments and community health agencies. These publications reflect the humanistic understanding of the person (including the player, athlete, practitioner and other significant development stakeholders), their personal history and the context of the situation and environment within which they exist. Dave has also been previously known for his academic contribution to the Leaders in Performance professional journal.

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