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James Walmsley. Whole tree harvesting and wood ash recycling to forests: case studies in upland Sitka spruce in Wales. Co-supervised with Davey Jones

Neal Hockley. Cost-benefit analysis of global environmental issues: a case study of biodiversity conservation in Madagascar. Co-supervised with Gareth Edwards-Jones

Tomas Easdale. Comparative morphologies and life histories amongst montane tree species in north-western Argentina.

Christa Backmeroff. Dendroecology, history and dynamics of mixed woodlands at the upper timberline of the central Italian Alps. Co-supervised with Pietro Piussi (University of Florence)

Sandra Williams. Interaction between components of rubber agroforestry systems in Indonesia. Co-supervised with Meine van Noordwijk (World Agroforestry)

Kate Hardwick. Tree colonization of abandoned agricultural clearings in seasonal tropical montane forest in Northern Thailand. Co-supervised with Stephen Elliott (Chiang Mai University)

John Tay. Economic assessment of reduced impact logging in Sabah, Malaysia. Co-supervised with Colin Price

Nouhou Ndam. Tree regeneration, vegetation dynamics and the maintenance of biodiversity on Mount Cameroon: the relative impact of natural and human disturbance.



Owain Barton. Modelling an expanding roe deer population in Wales. Co-supervised with Graeme Shannon

Sk. Ahiul Islam. Effect of tree spacing on form and phenology of sycamore and red alder. Co-supervised with Zewge Teklehaimanot

Penny Fraser. Niche differentiation in the seeds and seedlings of the Mount Cameroon tree flora.

Laura Hughes. Dissolved organic nitrogen in temperate forest and Arctic soils. Co-supervised with Davey Jones



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  • SD Forestry
  • QK Botany
  • GE Environmental Sciences

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