Ms Karen Tuson

Research Project Support Administrative Officer

Contact info

Room: 204 Marine Centre Wales
Phone: 01248 388078

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  2. Cyhoeddwyd

    Critical Review on the Public Health Impact of Norovirus Contamination in Shellfish and the Environment: A UK Perspective

    Hassard, F., Sharp, J., Taft, H., Le Vay, L., Harris, J., McDonald, J., Tuson, K., Wilson, J., Jones, D. & Malham, S., Meh 2017, Yn : Food and Environmental Virology. 9, 2, t. 123-141

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  3. Cyhoeddwyd

    The interaction of human microbial pathogens, particulate material and nutrients in estuarine environments and their impacts on recreational and shellfish waters

    Malham, S. K., Rajko-Nenow, P., Howlett, E., Tuson, K. E., Perkins, T. L., Pallett, D. W., Wang, H., Jago, C. F., Jones, D. L. & McDonald, J. E., 7 Gorff 2014, Yn : Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts. 16, t. 2145-2155

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