Harnessing Photogrammetry to Create Alternative Views in Heritage

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    One view is not enough: review of and encouragement for multiple and alternative representations in 3D and immersive visualisation

    Roberts, J. C., Butcher, P. & Ritsos, P. D., 3 Chwef 2022, Yn: Computers. 11, 2, 23 t., 20.

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    A Web Community for Digitising Cultural Heritage Assets

    Miles, H., Wilson, A., Labrosse, F., Roberts, J. C. & Tiddeman, B., 10 Medi 2014, Computer Graphics & Visual Computing (CGVC): Eurographics UK conference. Borgo, R. & Tang, W. (gol.). UK: The Eurographics Association, t. 95-96

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    3D visualisations Should Not be Displayed Alone – Encouraging a Need for Multivocality in Visualisation

    Roberts, J. C., Mearman, J., Butcher, P., Al-Maneea, H. M. A. & Ritsos, P. D., Medi 2021. 9 t.

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    Study of Multiple View Layout Strategies in Visualisation

    Roberts, J. C. & Al-Maneea, H. M. A., Hyd 2018. 2 t.

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    Re-creating Lost Heritage: Automated photogrammetry on archived images

    Wilson, A., Ben, E., Tiddeman, B., Karl, R. & Roberts, J. C., 2014. 1 t.

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