Dr Panagiotis D. Ritsos

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MEng PhD Essex, PgCert, FHEA

Visualization, Data, Modelling and Graphics (VDMG) research group, Immersive Environments lab

Office: Room 326, Dean Street 

My research interests revolve around he domain of human-computer interaction (HCI) and include mixed/augmented and virtual reality (XR), information visualization (InfoVis), visual analytics (VA) and wearable computing (WearComp). You can find more information below, in the research interests section.

I am particularly interested in potential synergies between these fields within different flavours of human-data interaction, such as beyond-the-desktop visualization and immersive analytics.

I am also working on how these domains make use of future digital communication systems, such as 5G, as a member of the DSP Centre of Excellence management team.

The above research topics can be explored in a variety of application domains, including Ocean Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Nuclear Sciences, Cultural Heritage, Learning and Education, Transport and Computer Games. 

Addysg / cymwysterau academaidd

  • 2016 - Profesiynol
  • 2006 - PhD
  • 2000 - Arall

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