Impact Workshop Report: Wild Pathways a Social-Ecological Strategy

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The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 sets out an explicit requirement for public bodies to collaborate and involve all sectors of society to contribute to every well-being goal. So what are conditions like for cross-sector collaboration in Wales? Recent research with Bangor University has identified key principles that enable the different bodies and sectors to collaborate in a way that adds benefits without some dominating others. This research was in collaboration with Gwynedd and Môn Public Service Board, North Wales Wildlife Trust and a range of cross-sector organisations. A workshop sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council in June this year gave wider partners an opportunity to understand the research findings. Participants heard about the experience of the research partners and their developing practical wisdom. This has resulted in a new social-ecological strategy, ‘Wild Pathways’ that embodies the principles of cross-sector collaboration.
Wild Pathways has at its heart the concepts of connectivity and resilience. It focusses on identifying networks to connect natural habitats for ecological resilience and of these myriad networks choosing those which also increase communities’ opportunities for active travel and active play. The strategy is delivered through co-production between communities and environmental groups to build community green-infrastructure assets and resilience.
Diverse representatives attended the workshop, from public and third sector organisations, both local and national, and from community volunteers to Chief Executives. We agreed links to key policies of Social Prescribing and Area Statements to create mechanisms to coordinate activities based on Wild Pathways. Together we developed an action plan to implement the Wild Pathways strategy on Anglesey. The impact workshop report summarises the research learning, the Wild Pathways strategy and the collaborative implementation plan developed during the workshop.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 24 Meh 2019
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