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This policy brief explains how community & town councils can implement a ‘Wild
Pathways’ strategy to deliver their multiple responsibilities for community development, public health and wellbeing, and biodiversity.
• Statutory guidance encourages community & town councils to work with other
organisations on a range of issues, from managing local assets to implementing
biodiversity plans.
• Recent research in Wales identified multiple dilemmas for collaborative partnerships, which risk councils losing the focus on local priorities.
• The research project created a specific strategy called ‘Wild Pathways’ that can help Biodiversity Champions to work with local partners to manage community assets without losing the focus on community & town councils’ priorities.
• The briefing builds on a focussed group discussion with 23 Biodiversity Champions, organised by One Voice Wales’ Pethau Bychain project in November 2023.


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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 6 Rhag 2023

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