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  • Mapping the Effects of Brexit in Wales: Proposals for Addressing Students Concern

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Whilst the future for UK-EU relations remains to be realised, Brexit will have consequences for legal education. However, to date, neither the UK nor Welsh Governments have sufficiently addressed what those consequences will be for Higher Education. This paper, which documents the results of 336 student questionnaires received from law students surveyed from every law school in Wales, evidences that learners have already started to decide what they believe Brexit means for them. Amongst the numerous challenges for Welsh law schools is the opinion of current students that Brexit makes Wales a less attractive place for overseas students and lecturers, both EU and other internationals, to study and work. Meanwhile UK students studying in Wales are questioning the relevance of EU law modules; and are viewing aspirational careers within EU institutions as now being ‘closed doors.’ By drawing upon our findings, as well as comparisons with other EU Member States, this paper proposes six areas where urgent collaboration between Governments and universities are needed. Failing to address the concerns identified by this research has the potential to further threaten the internationalised education model that UK students benefit from by studying law at Welsh universities.


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