Influencing the design of NHS dentistry provision in Northern Ireland and Wales [REF2021]

Impact Summary for the General Public

Bangor-led research (Professor Paul Brocklehurst) examined dental payment mechanisms and role-substitution in NHS dentistry. We showed that paying NHS dentists using capitation produced significant and rapid reductions in treatment activity. We also demonstrated non-inferiority for Dental Therapists when managing low-risk NHS patients and determined the conditions that were necessary to promote role-substitution and ‘skill-mix’ in NHS dentistry. Bangor influenced decisions on national NHS contract reform in Northern Ireland (NI) and Wales and underpinned the response to COVID in the former. Bangor research has resulted in policy changes and strategic investment in Wales to support role-substitution and ‘skill-mix’ in NHS dentistry. The AllWales Faculty for Dental Care Professionals was officially launched in January 2020.

Category of impact

  • Health/Quality of life