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Bangor Univeristy, School of Natural Sciences


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I am an MscRes student working with and undertaking research into circadian rhythms and chronobiological effects on teleost fish health alongside Dr Amy Ellison (SNS). I also work as a research technician within the Brambell aquaria looking at the evolution, genomics and speciation of pharnyngeal jaw plasticity within African Cichlids alongside George Turner (Professor of Zoology, SNS).


Contact Info

Bangor Univeristy, School of Natural Sciences


Email: /

Phone: +44 (0)7444 063 221



Postgraduate Study:

Dr Amy Ellison and I are interested in the influence and effect of chronobiological interactive effects of feed timing alongside gut microbiomes on teleost fish health. Aiming to quantify the impact of time-restricted feeding strategies on growth, while also characterising the rhythmicity of fish gut microbiota under varying feeding strategies. Collectively, this will provide a new fundamental understanding of how chronobiology can be utilised to augment sustainable aquaculture.


Brambell Aquaria Research:

Within the aquaria, research involves the observation of methylation and pharyngeal jaw plasticity within African Cichlids. The research work undertaken requires the crossbreeding of different species in examining contrasts in genetic markers through hybridization, implementing dietary subsets and examining plasticity within pharyngeal jaws, while also maintaining breeding programmes to keep stock levels of species within the aquarium continuous.

Research areas and keywords


  • QL Zoology - Cichlid Fish, Behavioural Ecology
  • QH301 Biology - Circadium Rhythms, Evolution, Speciation

Education / academic qualifications

  • MSc , Utilising Chronobiology For Sustainable Aquaculture Nutrition & Fish Health (2021)
  • BSc , Bangor University
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